Saturday, 22 August 2009


We don't air our laundry in public but this story has really got our goat - what a use of words.

This young lady used to buy from us; had lots of friends weddings to make favours and stationery for. Until one day she came in and told us she was setting up in competition with us - we don't think so! The shop closed in May, Companies House have a proposal to strike off the company off (since June 2009).

So what does she do; she resigns and sets up a new company, leaving her husband to deal with the fallout (although the new company has yet to be confirmed, but we are working on it).

Why? How can she do this? How can she mess with the biggest day of people's lives?

Rant over for now......

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karen said...

I cannot believe she has the gall to open up another company. Not only has she caused us more stress than is necessary but she still has my money!! We were due to get our invitations today of course we couldnt get them she has disappeared!! All lines of communication have been cut off and we are now 2 months behind. Annoyed is not the word for it!!