Tuesday, 18 August 2009

mmm wedding cake

I have a figure that would show you that I have tasted more than just one wedding cake in my time, but I would only recommend one in the Northamptonshire area and that is from the Hockleys boys in Brixworth.

Their cake is beautiful; whether it is the fudgy chocolate cake, the delicate lemon cake or the extremely fruity fruit cake. Their cakes are well made, use the finest ingredients and taste devine!

When choosing your cakemaker, you need to have one that you can trust. Visit their premises for hygiene, are they open to your ideas or are they pushing you into something they know they can make, will they set the cake up for you as part of the package, can they make a cutting cake for you?

Hockleys Cakes also have a budget range that “compete” with Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Tesco etc… there’s no competition!

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