Thursday, 13 August 2009


Whilst lurking on a wedding forum recently, we chanced upon a thread where the bride was moaning about how few guests had responded, including the brother of the groom. This is a big pet hate of ours.

We have several minor “issues” with this:

1. Surely our parents have brought us up better than not to reply to an invitation – it’s etiquette that you would reply in writing, whether you are family or not. You should not assume the couple presume you are attending.

2. How will the couple know if you are a vegetarian if you haven’t responded; how many guests to feed if they can only assume you are attending; and how do they know you aren't bringing the kids.

Wedding planning is stressful at the best of times; and guests are making it even more so!

If your invitation includes an RSVP card and envelope, please use it, if it doesn't get yourself down to WHSmiths and buy one or write a letter - or if you really have to call or email (last resort please).

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robertrory said...

I too agree with you as wedding planning is even more stress. But it should be planned before arranging for it.