Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ribbons and Bows

As we were uploading some photographs to Flickr today, we realised that we use a lot of ribbon, and when we say a lot of ribbon, we mean a LOT of ribbon.

Whether we use it to finish our wedding invitations as seen here in our California design or for creating a beautiful look on your reception tables with our Michigan Napkin Tags, ribbon gives a very feminine feel to your wedding stationery.

We use satin and sheer ribbon, depending on whether you want a sumptuous or a lighter feel to your design.

Use ribbons at your reception as a great way of adding colour; from the bows and sashes on your chairs, to little satin bows on your wedding favours. How about dressing up your napkins to bring in your colours?

Here we used black sheer ribbon as a bow and then finished with a smaller satin ribbon. The napkin look was finished with a personalised menu tucked underneath a personalised notebook.

Get creative with your wedding ribbon!