Monday, 3 January 2011

Winter Wonderland

You probably think we've lost the plot and should now be talking about spring and summer weddings .... but no we aren't as mad as we think we are.

The great thing about this time of the year is the January sales! Christmas brings lorry-loads of glitz and sparkle to the shops and no sooner have you deckled your halls, you've got to take it all down again but this is when the fun can start. Whilst you are rummaging through the fashion rails don't forget to shop around for decorations, ribbons and glittery bits that could be perfect for your wedding.

Candles are a perfect example. Opt for pillar candles and tealights, avoiding scented unless you can guarantee the scent will last until your wedding. Store in a cool place, keeping them away from direct sunlight or any where warm.

Dark, winter colours and crisp, bright white lend themselves to any wedding. Look out for wreaths which can be bulked out with artificial foliage and make fabulous centrepieces. Sparkly and organza ribbons can be found at knocked down prices great for your flowers or wedding favours. Look out for gift wrap, raffia and bags for your bridal party gifts.

Providing they will keep for your wedding, Christmas confectionery can be bought and stored in a cool place (not the fridge). Look out for silver and gold balls, foiled coins, fortune cookies and jellybeans.

But stop and think ..

Remember that a sale buy is only a good buy if you needed it in the first place and you therefore save yourself money.

Avoid bargains in unusual colours unless they are the colour of your wedding. You run the risk of discarding them at a later date.

Sale goods are often end of line which means you may not be able to purchase more in the future - make sure you buy enough at the time.

Have fun!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

2nd January 2011

Ok, so we missed 1st January 2011 with a post, but are posting today so 1 out of 2 isn't bad.

The blog today is more about a catch up, than anything and we are hoping to blog every week, if not every day so you can keep up with Wedding Paraphernalia Towers!

December was a very hard month for us. Unfortunately our father has been taken ill and has finally been diagnosed with lung cancer which is unoperable and terminal. Mum is a pillar of strength and support, we don't know how she is doing it. I was on holiday at the time, and it was very difficult spending Christmas Day abroad, when the paramedics were trying to stabilise him and admit him to hospital.

He is now at home and comfortable but we don't know for how long; we don't know yet how far it has progressed. We are being brave for him, but deep down we know both mum and dad are struggling - they WILL be celebrating 45 years of marriage in October.

We don't know how 2011 is going to progress. We have a very strong business and an excellent book of orders. We will endeavour to keep ourselves strong and keep going - dad has been a rock and supported us since we started and we won't let him down.

Love you both mum and dad, and here's to what may be a difficult 2011 but we will get through it. Mandie and I will be strong for them both. xx