Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wedding Breakfast

So you are going to take more than 50 people out for dinner – a sumptious three or four course meal for that matter. Just how often do you do that?

Not often, so your first meal together as husband and wife should be planned, thought about, tasted and will then wow your guests.

Think about your favourite dishes, your individual tastes and how they can be incorporated into a menu that everyone will enjoy. Try to think outside of the box; don’t just go for a roast because it’s popular, you can have a roast dinner every week. Why not try a Rosemary Roast Beef with Balsamic and Cranberry Glaze.

Profiteroles are also popular, but can your chef think of profiteroles with a slight twist – how about Profiteroles with Passion Fruit Creme.

And don’t forget about your vegetarian guests – if your chef can only think of brown Mushroom Risotto – fire him!


denial said...

The wedding breakfast is the first meal after the reception. It's called the 'wedding breakfast' because it's the first meal you have as a married couple & the reception refers to the drinking and dancing etc later on in the evening.
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pricecolee said...
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pricecolee said...

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